"The strongest oaks have the deepest roots"

It is my honor to announce my campaign for the Conejo Recreation and Parks District Board of Directors. The City of Thousand Oaks has given me everything I have, my community, my friends, my wife, my daughter -- Now, I am humbly asking for the opportunity to give back. Please vote for me in November 2022.


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Preservation, Parents, and Community Partnerships

My "Three Ps" Platform


Stand with Our Future

Focus on restoring and upgrading existing property

Quality of life in Thousand Oaks is more important than ever. CRPD manages over 50 amazing community parks and facilities. But the Recreation and Parks District is much more than swing sets and sandboxes. Our district manages over $20,000,000 in community assets. Our facilities, parks, and programs are investments. Investments in our community health, property values, and cultural well-being. As these investments degrade, so too does the future of our city. We must be smart about strategically investing in support and reinforcement for existing properties.

Stand with Our Local Arts Groups and Non-profits

Incentivize Civic and Non Profit Partnership

A robust Parks District is one that encourages and facilitates leadership among local organizations. We need to reinvigorate community involvement by focusing on civic partnerships and non-profit participation. Non-profits should feel empowered to take an ownership role in the CRPD. If elected, I will stand with our local cultural organizations and see that the full resources of the CRPD are provided to fostering new partnerships, and strengthening the ones that already exist.


Stand with Our Families

Parents are our greatest partners for parks

Programming with the parents in mind. CRPD manages thousands of community programs. From events, to classes, to afterschool programs, the Parks District has a responsibility, not only to ensure programming is entertaining and accessible to every family, but to ensure that it is safe, appropriate, and uplifting. If elected, I will remember to vote with families in mind.